does his homework

BJ’s as good as they come! Let’s start at the end – we’re now in a house and neighborhood that we love. That’s the ultimate outcome, right? But leaving it at that would be selling BJ short.

We worked off and on with BJ for a few years. We’d get serious for awhile, not find anything that we really liked, back off, then start up again. I can imagine this is less than ideal from a realtor’s point of view. But BJ was awesome. Always willing to engage and help us work through this process. There’s a few things though, that I really appreciated about BJ’s work:

1. Never pushy. This doesn’t mean he didn’t have an opinion, he certainly did. But if we made a decision to move (or not) on a property, he would move into action mode and do everything he could do to help.

2. Does his homework. He was tremendous in helping us navigate the emotion – pricing continuum. Meaning, the more emotional we got, the more we were willing to spend even if it meant going overboard. He had a nice, calm way of talking us back into reality and avoid making mistakes. We were also looking in neighborhoods that weren’t normally in BJ’s area and he did a great job of learning the ins an outs on the fly.

3. Saw things we didn’t. I’ve lived in apartments for the last 15 years so the “guts” of a house are a mystery to me. There were many times we’d walk into a house and we’d love it because it looked nice on the surface. But then BJ would proceed to show us all the things that really mattered (wiring, plumbing, heating) and why we might want to reconsider. Obviously this was very helpful!

On top of all this, BJ’s just a good guy.