BJ appears to work almost exclusively by word-of-mouth, and it’s easy to see why. As first time home-buyers, he was recommended as a good educator as well as a good realtor, and we are happy to continue the tradition! BJ is patient, engaging, and funny, and we could not have asked for a better introduction to the world of home-ownership. At every step of the home-buying process, BJ made sure we were making informed decisions. He never pressured us to choose one way or another, but his expertise in home-buying and the people involved was invaluable. Every person he recommended exceeded expectations and was as dedicated and passionate about their job as BJ was. Above all else, BJ was as engaged in the process as we were. He was never more than a phone-call or email away, and he always made sure to explain the reasoning behind his opinion and the context for the

options that we were pursuing. BJ’s advice worked wonders at streamlining the home-buying process, and we cannot show sufficient gratitude for his approach.