As a first time home buyer, the most difficult part of the home buying process for me was determining where I wanted to live. BJ was a great resource to have as I visited all of the different towns in Massachusetts. We went up to the North Shore together. We went down to the South Shore together. All through Boston and out to the suburbs. Town after town, house after house, BJ never got frustrated or pushy.

No matter how busy he was, BJ was always willing to make time to join me on a trip to see a new property listing and after each property his advice and his counsel were incredibly perceptive and helpful. BJ would talk to me about what he liked and what he didn’t like for each property we saw, helping me to build my own list of things to look for when I went to open houses on my own.

Of course, the neighborhood where I ended up buying my home, in Fairmount Hill, Hyde Park, hadn’t even been on my radar. I didn’t know anything about the area, but on our trips to Dedham and West Roxbury, BJ kept pushing me to drive through the neighborhood with him. One day, I gave in. We stopped to have coffee and a quick breakfast at a local restaurant and then went to see some houses that were listed. Just like that, I had found my home. I’m close to work, I’m close to friends, I’m close to family, I’m close to the city, and I’m close to some great outdoor areas and hiking locations. I’m happy and I’m comfortable.

Without BJ’s patience and constructive suggestions, I never would have known of this house that has made me so happy.

In my dealings with him as a buyer’s agent, BJ seemed more like a friend than a salesman. I honestly got the sense that everything he was doing, he was doing on my behalf. He also seemed to know when to be aggresive and when to slow the process down to let me absorb everything.

I am ever so thankful for BJ for helping me to find not just a wonderful deal or a great piece of property, but my home.